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  • Must we activate platelets for knee injection? We active PRP with Ca gloconate in IRAN but I read in some books we can inject PRP without activator in joints. I want to know which is better or safer?  How many kits do we use for every knee? Some doctors say we use 2 kits of PRP and the other says 1 kit of PRP.  Because I do PRP for skin and the volume is not a problem for us, we can use 1 or 2 kits for skin and hair but in joints for a knee exam, how much volume we can inject?

This response was given by Dr. Arockia Doss one of our physician specialty experts.

  1. I do not activate Platelets at all for any of my musculoskeletal injections as I wish to keep it as natural as possible. Personally I think this is a safer approach. It works anyway!
  2. As a standard I take 12 to 16 cc of blood and mix the PRP and PPP in 5 cc of 1% lignocaine for one knee joint. This comes to a total volume of around 15cc of total injectate. I warn of stiffness for a few days, pain crisis has not occurred in my experience in joints. For smaller joints I just half this.
  3. I am moving more and more towards 3 injections spaced 4 weeks apart with an annual cycle.

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