Can PRP help with back pain?

Can PRP help with back pain? I have problems with my upper back that they say is caused by posture, and my lower back was hurt in a fall.
Dr. Arockia DossDr. Arockia Doss
I am using more and more PRP in such situations and usually these patients have had multiple failed facet blocks etc. I have used PRP to the paravertebral myofascial tissues in chronic posture related pain syndrome with good success in a small number of patients. These patients have suffered pain for many years. This experience is anecdotal, so you should talk in detail with your physician treating you on the rationale, possible outcomes and complications

Find someone who can localize the pain under ultrasound control and who can inject the area. Post treatment posture control and strengthening is very important. I do this type of work with a handful of very good sports physiotherapists who are good with biomechanics.

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