Can PRP Treatment help swelling that has left permanent deep nasalobial folds on my cheeks?

I have a condition where every night when I go to sleep my face pulls and becomes swollen. This is due to an allergic reaction I’ve had due to a cream and deep foam cleanser I was using on my face 2 years ago. The cleanser stripped off the moisturising layer of skin and made it extremely dry. The skin peels off when water is applied. The swelling has left permanent deep nasalobial folds on my cheeks and the swelling and pulling happens every night. A doctor suggested prp treatments. What do you think?
Dr. Paul FondacaroDr. Paul Fondacaro
The problem described appears to be an allergic inflammatory reaction. With skin peeling and swelling you may benefit from kenalog cream or ointment. I would not recommend PRP for you unless cleared by a rheumatologist. PRP may be contra-indicated in your case.

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