Cormier Uses PRP Therapy and is Ready to Fight in the UFC

In a much anticipated fight, the UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier just wrapped up some treatment on his hip. The treatment should allow him to get back at it and take on Anthony Johnson.

Daniel Cormier of the UFC used PRP Therapy to help him get back to fighting MMA quicker.

Daniel Cormier of the UFC used PRP Therapy to help him get back to fighting MMA quicker.

Cormier told the media that he got the doctor to give him some PRP, which he says “really speed up the process”.

He is one of many great athletes in this country that elected to use PRP, and it’s shown that it works. Cormier comes into the fight with an 18-1 record in Mixed Martial Arts events. In the UFC, Cormier has won 7 out of 8 fights.

Cormier is ranked 2nd in the USA Today light-heavyweight rankings. Overall, he is ranked 4th if you are talking about pound. The great fighter tore his ACL several years ago, but for the longest time just fought through it. Recently, Cormier was forced to leave an event where he tore his right adductor muscle.

Cormier’s opponent – Johnson has more experience fighting. In 27 Mixed Martial Arts events, he has won 22 of them. When you are talking about UFC fights, he comes in with a 13-5 record.

Both fighters are ready for the opportunity. Both of them have agreed to the fight, but that has Cormier more pumped up to get healthy and ready for the fight.

When you get platelet-rich plasma therapy, which is commonly referred to as PRP – it involves taking blood plasma through injection, which is enriched with platelets that assist the healing process to move quicker. It moves quicker, and is also much less invasive than traditional surgeries to correct the injury.

Data shows that PRP therapy is effective. Despite all the great athletes that have had PRP, it is still pretty early in the stage of the game. PRP is best known to help respond well to the follow injuries:

And so much more. PRP is going to be able to help for the long term, and gets the athlete back in action.

Finally, here is a great list of athletes that were able to get PRP done, and now they are back in the profession, and making a great deal of money.