Days rest needed? Time Interval Before Another PRP Shot? How Many Shots? Is PRP for me?

Good day. I want to confirm how many days rest one needs before going into rehabilitation in the gym after PRP injection? And what is the time interval to take another shot of PRP? I would like to know because I always have a swollen knee anytime I run hard, am a basketball player and I had MRI. The MRI was negative nothing was damaged so I am planning on having PRP. How many shots will i need? I am 29 years of age, will this work on me? I hope to hear from you have a blessed day.
Dr. Bronner Handwerger NDDr. Bronner Handwerger ND
That’s really a discussion for the doctor who’s is going to be to be treating you. Your doctor should work with you to determine a course of action, including how many treatments you will need and how many days of rest before normal physical activity resumes.

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