Derrick Rose has PRP Treatment on his Knee

According to many recent articles, Bulls star Derrick Rose has successful surgery to repair his torn ACL. Surgeons used part of Rose’s patellar tendon to augment the torn ACL. To speed up his healing process, physicians also used platelet rich plasma to augment the repair. Team physicians are hoping that the 2011 MVP will be able to return in 6-8 months. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that contains an elevated level of platelets. The concentrated platelets contain many different growth factors that are responsible for accelerating a persons natural healing process when applied to many parts of the human body. Creating platelet rich plasma can increase the level of platelets up to five times more than platelet levels in normal whole blood. Derrick Rose is one of many other professional athletes who have received PRP Therapy over the last year. Most reports have been successful and helpful to getting the athlete back in game shape.

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