How Helpful Would PRP Therapy be for me as I am Getting ACL Reconstruction as well as Meniscus Repair?

I am 19 years old and on July 3rd I am getting an ACL reconstruction as well as meniscus repair (if it has not yet healed). I have played sports since I am four and very much wish to continue to do so. How helpful would PRP therapy be for me (in lieu and/or post-surgery)?
Dr. Andrew BlecherDr. Andrew Blecher
PRP will not help your ACL deficient knee. Surgical reconstruction is required. It is possible to use PRP during surgery to assist with healing for the ACL graft or the meniscal repair, but this is not yet the standard of care.
Dr. Jon RubensteinDr. Jon Rubenstein
If you have been scheduled for an ACL Reconstruction, then your ACL is completely torn. This cannot be healed with PRP Therapy. However, PRP would be extremely beneficial to you both DURING the surgery and also as a series of treatments POST surgery. During the actual procedure, your surgeon can mix the PRP with Thrombin to create a gelatinous piece of living connective tissue. This tissue can be placed at the attachment site of the new ACL graft, enhancing and strengthening the repair. Post-surgery, a series of PRP injections can help reduce the swelling, reduce the amount of fluid in the knee joint, eliminate pain, and actually accelerate the healing. PRP, along with successful reconstruction surgery, can get you back to playing at an optimum level in a matter of months, not years.

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