Is It Normal to Inject Stem Cells Taken from Stomach Fat Along With the Platelets?

I had cartilage worn on my knee… My doctor injected stem cells taken from stomach fat along with platelets. Is this usually part of the procedure?
Dr. Andrew BlecherDr. Andrew Blecher
Although some doctors do provide this type of treatment, it is not the standard of care. There has not been a study or a protocol developed as to how this procedure should be done.
Dr. Jon RubensteinDr. Jon Rubenstein
The mixing of “stem cells” from fat reserves in the stomach or buttocks is becoming more and more commonplace. The testing, however, has not been done to see if that aids or adds any benefit to the injections. The next injection in the series should always come between 3 and 6 weeks, to add new growth factors to what has already been in place. This builds on the initial healing of the first injection. At The Center for Natural Healing, patients return at the halfway point between their treatments to monitor pain scale, range of motion, and strength of the joint. After the third treatment, a new MRI is acquired to check progress.

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