Is PRP Based Treatment a Possibility to Treat Bilateral OA of the Hip Joints?

I have bilateral OA of the hip joints and am a candidate for THR but am looking for alternative non-surgical treatment. Is PRP based treatment a possibility?
Dr. Andrew BlecherDr. Andrew Blecher
Yes it is a possibility, but as of yet there is no evidence to show that PRP is effective for hip OA. There are recent studies showing sympomatic relief for knee OA, so we can be hopeful that the same would apply to the hip.
Dr. Jon RubensteinDr. Jon Rubenstein
PRP OA treatment has been very successful at The Center for Natural Healing and has kept many patients from having Total Joint Replacement surgery. Ultrasound guided injections to coat the acetabulum with new tissue will relieve the pain and burn that comes from severe OA. A series of treatments can coat the area with fresh tissue buffering the rubbing of the bones and also will help keep the area lubricated.

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