Kobe Bryant Scores 43 Plus Game Winner in Off Season Game

Kobe managed to score 43 points plus the go-ahead basket in a game played in the popular, South Los Angeles, Drew Basketball League. He scored the winning bucket over James Harden, a Los Angeles native and guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Some say that Kobe’s great game should put to rest any notion about the status of his right knee. Bryant recently underwent PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy to promote healing in the knee and based on his recent play, it looks like the procedure may have been a success.

Dino Smiley, the commissioner of the Drew League, had a lot of positive things to say about Kobe Bryant’s play, particularly, how well he moved during the game. According to Smiley, “He was fresh,” Smiley said. “His spring, his jump shot was nice. Getting to the basket, his jab steps and his footwork, everything was very good.”

Bryant’s appearance in the Drew League game was a bit of a surprise but only to the fans. Smiley was aware that Bryant would be playing but kept it under wraps. Once Bryant showed up, the internet was abuzz after shocked fans went online with the news. Soon after, the line to enter the center quickly was 75 yards long. When Bryant dropped the final bucket over Harden, the fans went crazy, flooding the court and chanting, “Kobe!” “Kobe!”

PRP therapy is a treatment that is being used with increased regularly, especially amongst top, professional athletes. In addition to Bryant, Tiger Woods, Troy Polamalu, Heinz Ward and Adam Rodriguez, amongst others, have undergone the procedure and with a great deal of success, each of them returning to their respective sports ahead of schedule after serious injury. It looks like Kobe Bryant can now be added to that list.

PRP therapy involves the use of a patient’s own blood to jumpstart the healing process. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient. It is placed in a centrifuge where it is spun until all of its components are separated. Once they are, the platelets are removed and then injected into the injured part of the body. Blood platelets contain growth factors which help accelerate healing process. Their effect is multiplied when PRP therapy is used because it contains a concentrated amount of the platelets.

Kobe Bryant’s knee will undoubtedly receive a great deal of scrutiny this off-season as will PRP therapy, the experimental procedure he used to treat it. As more professional athletes, such as Bryant, undergo it, look for it to become more mainstream.