Nurse / Model Receives PRP Treatment & Loves Results

The following post is a patient experience submitted to us… Enjoy!
Hello! My names Louise – I am 32 years old and noticing the unsavory early signs of aging! I am a nurse and a model. I have basic aesthetic training and keep my ears to the ground about good aesthetic treatments. As a model I want to look my best – who doesn’t!

My Area of Concern

Problematic eye area

  • Dark Circles
  • Hollow sunken eyes/lack of volume
  • Crepey, lax thin skin
  • Poor skin texture
If you are lucky then you may suffer from one of the above – I have the whole package!

Tackling the Concern without Success

I first tried dermal filler to the tear trough – this works great for people to add volume. Unfortunately for me this did not sit well under my thin crepey skin. It did not give a smooth contour and you could see irregularities. I had the filler dissolved with hyaluronidase. Back to square 1.
Then I tried PDO threads. Did not really feel there was a significant improvement to any of the above problems.

Discovering Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Like most people – I had heard about the “vampire facial” in the media. Mr. Ian Morgan from Soul Care Aesthetics suggested Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) to improve the skin texture and reduce the fine lines/crepey skin under my eyes. He was very informative and also discussed other options, including more invasive procedures such as fat grafting, or even combining PRP with micro needling, fat grafting or filler.
The appeal for PRP for me is that the rich plasma from your own blood is used to repair/rejuvenate your skin. Also the downtime is minimal. I was told that a course of 3 treatments would be ideal. Mr. Ian Morgan explained how this treatment has been used in the NHS for wound healing and tissue repair.
I decided to opt for 3 PRP treatments – with the option of other treatments to compliment this further down the line if needed.

Treatment Day 1

Mr. Ian Morgan took blood from my arm – just as you would have done by a phlebotomist for a blood test. This blood was spun in a centrifuge while i sat and read a magazine in the waiting area. I was called back in and Mr. Ian Morgan showed me the separated layers of my blood. He explained that the rich plasma would be extracted and  injected into my under eye area.
My skin was cleansed to prevent infection and the PRP was injected in several sites across my under eye area. My skin was cleansed again after the procedure. I was given comprehensive after care advice, including applying an ice pack to reduce bruising and swelling and to try and sleep elevated.
Immediately after the treatment my eyes were swollen and they did bruise – this lasted for around 3-4 days. If you can its good to plan the procedure around any important events! Also good to ensure that you go to a reputable clinician that you trust – needles near the eye can be daunting!

Noticing the Benefits

Its important to be patient with this treatment – benefits will not be noticed immediately as it takes several weeks for the regenerative repair to take effect! After around 4-6 weeks I noticed that my skin was tighter/less laxity. The best way for me to describe this is that when applying eye cream I didn’t feel my skin dragging across my finger as much (bad times!)

Treatment 2

Repeat of treatment 1.

Noticing the Benefits

Again benefits noticed at 4-6 weeks. There was an increased improvement to skin laxity. My dark circles were not as bad. I found that I could get away with less concealer. I looked less tired without makeup. Improvement noticed to the hollows under my eyes! Pleasantly surprised by this as was not expecting improvement here!

Treatment 3

Repeat of treatment 1&2

Noticing the benefits

Had this treatment day before writing this blog so still a little bruised and swollen.  Excited to see end results!


Based on my treatments, I noticed that PRP helped to improve the appearance of my dark circles, the hollows under my eye area and my skin quality/texture. If I feel that I need additional treatments to address volume – then filler or fat grafting are options. I think that if I need filler/fat grafting then they will look more aesthetically pleasing now that skin quality and texture has been improved. Would definitely recommend PRP treatment to treat the concerns listed.  Click here for my Recommended clinician and clinic!