O-Shot™ – What could be better than a natural way to improve female sexual function and to resolve urinary leakage.

Guest post written by Dr. Lisbeth Roy on September 15, 2014

The O-Shot™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical answer to better sexual function for women. The world is quickly realizing the regenerative power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

As we age and are challenged by our changing bodies, we seek safe and effective treatments in an attempt to continue living our best life. Women of all ages experience sexual changes that inhibit satisfaction and full function. As well, just as many women experience urinary leakage that robs their self-confidence and eventually their independence.

The O-Shot™ gives much needed hope and triumph for women who seek to improve sexual function and to resolve urinary incontinence. Women with vaginal pain, decreased sensitivity, dryness, lack of arousal, urinary leakage and low desire can benefit from this safe and simple procedure.

An O-Shot™ trained physician will draw your blood, spin and concentrate the healing power called PRP and inject it strategically back into your body to stimulate rejuvenation of the vaginal tissue. The procedure from blood draw to exiting the office is usually no more than 30 minutes. The blood spins for 9-17 minutes and the injections are very quick with minimal to no discomfort. There is no downtime at all. You may return to normal and sexual activity immediately after the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a special part of your blood that contains platelets and growth factors. These platelets and growth factors when activated stimulate your stem cells and lead to new tissue regeneration. When we put PRP in the joints and tendons of athletes, there is rapid and enhanced repair. When PRP is placed in the face, we see new collagen, resolution of acne, enhanced skin color and texture as well as regeneration of healthy skin. PRP seems to turn back the cellular clock. It makes sense that when it is placed in the vaginal tissue, rich with blood vessels, collagen and nervous tissue rich, that rejuvenation leads to improved sexual function.
This regeneration of tissue is what helps women get rid of vaginal pain, improve lubrication, and experience ease of orgasm, better sensitivity, more youthful arousal and a younger vaginal tissue.

Typically some changes are seen within a day or two of the PRP injection. Over time, the improvements develop and the benefits are fully realized. A small study was published in July 2014 that speaks to the exciting benefits of the O-Shot™.

The most important aspect of the procedure is to find a highly trained physician who knows how to apply PRP technology and specifically the O-Shot™.

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