Platelet Rich Plasma – One of the Latest Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, is a safe, effective, drug-free treatment for ED!

Platelet Rich Plasma is made from your own blood. It contains high levels of platelets and “growth factors,” that are critical components in wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Therapeutic use of PRP is not a new idea. Our colleagues in orthopedics and sports medicine have been using it for years to successfully treat joint injuries. Several high-profile athletes swear by the use of PRP for getting them back in the game.

Now, we are finding that PRP can be used to help our patients “get back in the game” of another sort – to treat erectile dysfunction.

How is PRP used to Treat ED?

PRP is the active ingredient in the P-shot, and our own proprietary PRP for ED treatment, the Gains Enhancement®.

In either procedure, the treatment starts with taking a small sample of blood, not much more than in any blood test. A centrifuge is used to separate the PRP from the blood. In our practice we use the Harvest method to obtain the PRP, because it has been proven to deliver the highest concentration of platelets and growth stimulating proteins. Then, after applying a local anesthetic, the PRP with added natural fillers, is injected into precise locations. There, the growth factors stimulate the production of new blood vessels and rejuvenation of erectile tissues.

Men who have received PRP treatments for ED report increased ability to gain and maintain an erection, as well as increased sensation, and an overall improvement in sexual performance.

But that is not all! PRP as used in the Gains Enhancement or P-shot, is the only ED treatment that not only improves your ability to gain an erection, it can also add length and girth to your penis!

Particularly with the Gains Enhancement®, increases of 1 -2 inches are not uncommon. To achieve similar results, you would have to have painful and invasive penile implant surgery. But, as compared to surgery or any other ED treatment, PRP for ED:

  • Is safe for all men, even those with high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Is drug-free and surgery free
  • Is a simple in office procedure that has little or no downtime
  • Is practically painless, with little or no side effects
  • Has long lasting results
  • Is cost effective, as there are no ongoing prescriptions to fill and refill

If you are man between 35-55 and are experiencing some “trouble in the bedroom,” and are seeking an alternative to Viagra or other oral ED medications, contact us today for more information about this remarkable treatment for ED.

If you have ED, contact out Sexual Wellness Advisers today at (866) 540-3555, to schedule a FREE consultation to see if the Gains Enhancement® or the P-shot for Erectile Dysfunction is right for you.

The above post was written by Richard Gaines, M.D., FAARM, ABAARM