Platelet-Rich Plasma Used in the Dental Field

Platelet-rich plasma has been proven to be a valuable way to enhance tissue and bone growth for dental implants, making it a valuable resource in the world of dental surgery. After being widely accepted in the world of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery as a reliable treatment option, PRP therapy has proven to be of great value when it comes to potential accelerated healing of dental implant procedures.

According to doctors in the dental research field at an annual meeting of Implant Dentistry, platelet-rich plasma therapy was shown to increase both tissue and bone growth which would lead to quicker wound healing. This in turn could lead to a long-term success rate of a patient who would receive a dental implant. This type of therapy regimen is exactly what dental surgeons want for their patients because there is nothing better than being able to use the body’s own ability to regenerate the growth of bone and tissue safely which the body may have lost due to certain diseases or other issues.

When it comes to dental implants, PRP treatment could help initiate bone growth. This could lead to the dental implant taking to the person within a matter of several weeks. This could reduce the amount of time the patient would have to wait for the implant placement and affixing of the permanent crown to take place. This type of procedure is done by leading dental surgeons at some of the finest dental implants London centres in the UK and throughout the world.

As for the platelet-rich plasma, it is taken from a sample of blood from the patient- just a small amount. Then it is centrifuged to separate the growth of platelet from the red blood cells. When this happens it will lead to quick growth for both bone and tissue. The risk for the PRP treatment is very minimal as the process caused by the PRP therapy is speeding up the healing of the bone and tissue where the dental implant is placed. Because this is the patient’s own blood the chance for some sort of adverse reaction is greatly reduced, almost eliminated.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has been used in many fields over the past several years to treat certain injuries and painful areas of the body. When it comes to using PRP for dental surgery, the PRP is mixed to form a gel that will be applied directly where needed. Bone grafting is another area of concern when it comes to dental implants. When it comes to PRP therapy it can help foster the right bone integration for the dental implants to take hold. By using Platelet-rich Plasma treatment on grafts the bond between the patient’s own bone and the dental implant will increase, as is shown by studies of the increased radiographic bone density during the initial first couple of weeks following the PRP treatment when compared to patients who did not receive the PRP treatment prior to receiving the dental implant.

The goal for all dental surgical procedures is to have the process of healing occur at a rapid pace so the patient’s chances of getting an infection are greatly reduced. PRP therapy has proven to be a dependable treatment in the implant dentistry field. As more information and studies are conducted on PRP and dental implants in the future the likelihood of more dental surgeons using this treatment option for dental implants is likely to increase significantly.

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