Which Procedure for PRP Administration Is Better? Straight Needle of PRP Gun

Best Procedure for PRP Administration - Straight Needle of PRP Gun

Some clinics have different procedures for the PRP administration. For instance, some doctors inject right into the face/neck using a straight needle and some other clinics use a PRP gun. Which way is better?


In my opinion, using the PRP gun or manual injection of PRP is a matter of personal choice and desired results can be achieved with either method by placement of PRP in the correct depth. I use a mesogun gun for micro injections into the upper or middle dermis.

The method of PRP injections in my practice is determined by the patient’s needs. For an overall improvement of skin texture, firmness and pigmentation, I mix half of my PRP with hyaluronic acid and inject with the mesogun into the upper and middle dermis and rest in the subdermal area with manual injections.

For reduction of under eye circles, nasolabial folds, deep scars and deep heavily pigmented areas, I prefer to inject PRP manually into the area that needs improvement.


This question was answered by Naila Malik MD