PRP Follow Up With Alex Mark

The following is a follow up story to our initial Alex Mark feature writeup.

Three months ago I received my first PRP treatment due to patellar tendonitis in my right knee. Before the injection I can say that getting through a day of training could become excruciating and frustrating. Now sitting here 3 months post injection, getting through a day of training can still be excruciating…but in a completely different form of the word. My right knee and the patellar tendonitis are all but a thing of the past. I haven’t even thought about my knee in the last few weeks during a training session. I am able to focus completely on the task at hand without the added stress of injury.

For the first few weeks after the injection the knee was feeling great, lots of rest and slow movement were the orders I was given from the Doctors. After the few weeks of down time training was resumed, adding intensity slowly as the knee would tolerate. The pain was minimal as training intensity and volume continued to climb and my progression was exceptional. Through the 6-8 marks my pain had returned, not to the same extreme, but was hindering training yet again. I was worried that the injection had not worked and that my season would be taking a turn for the worse. After speaking with the Doctor’s and tweaking the training program a bit, I was able to get the pain under control. In the next following weeks we stayed away from training in which maximal load was being put directly on the knee. After a few weeks the knee was responding well and training was able to resume as usual.

The PRP treatment I received three months ago was a major step forward for me. Now being able to train without pain and stress I am very happy with the results of the injection and the progress I have made since. Although it has not been an easy smooth ride getting to the point I am at now, my PRP treatment has made a major difference in my training. I’m glad I made the decision to forgo the treatment, and would strongly recommend it for others.

Alex Mark