PRP for Hair Loss with Nutrafol Supplement

PRP is a great solution for both men and women, especially when hair transplant surgery is not an option. PRP injections can stimulate new hair growth in men who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness as well as women who suffer from this condition.

Your provider targets the areas of the scalp where the hair is currently thinning. The procedure will take approximately 30 minutes from the time your blood is drawn until the PRP is injected into your scalp.

PRP has been used for its healing properties in other areas of medicine over the years such as into joints and muscle tissues. It is also used as a cosmetic treatment for the face too, where PRP is combined with microneedling.

nutrafol-supplement-prp-hair-lossNatural Way to Restore Hair

Another factor that makes PRP so popular for patients looking to restore hair is that this is a “natural” way to restore hair. Most medications used to restore hair, such as Propecia, have significant side effects in men (such as erectile dysfunction).

These medications are also contraindicated in women, especially those of child-bearing age. PRP treatments can be used in tandem with hair transplantation to help accelerate hair growth. PRP treatments should be performed on average, every 4 to 6 weeks for three sessions. You will typically see new hair growth after the first 8-10 weeks.

Incorporating Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements have been incorporated into many hair loss regimens because it can optimize the hair restoration process. One supplement that has proven to be effective at growing new hair is Nutrafol. This is a supplement that is full of bioavailable botanicals with proven clinical efficacy in combatting the underlying causes of thinning hair.

There are so many causes of hair loss, some of the more common being hormonal or stress related. The supplement is a nutraceutical, containing powerful combinations of ingredients that specifically target the common causes of hair loss. It contains extracts from turmeric which fights many inflammatory molecules that slow hair growth. It contains biotin which is one of the key factors in hair growth.

Additionally, it has saw palmetto that is proven to help prevent testosterone conversion to DHT which is a natural occurring hormone in the body that contributes to thinning hair by shrinking hair follicles. Stress is also a main cause for hair loss which is why ashwaganda has been added to the formula. This has been proven to decrease the levels of the hair damaging stress hormone Cortisol.

These are just a few of the ingredients that Nutrafol contains to help the hair growth process. They also have two separate formulations for men and women ensuring that it is as specific for each individual.

To truly maximize your results, it is recommended to incorporate the supplements with your hair restoration process.

This post was written by Dr. Michael Somenek, a leading expert in PRP treatments and hair restoration.