PRP is the Future of Sports Medicine

“This is not hocus-pocus,” Purita said in an interview here. “This is the future of sports medicine, in particular. Here it is that I got a guy back playing baseball and throwing pitches at 95 miles an hour.”

These were the words of a Florida Doctor, Joseph R. Purita, recently after helping Yankees starting pitcher Bartolo Colon recover from injury.  Purita performed PRP Injection on Colon in April of 2010.  Bartolo Colon had always been a durable pitcher with a reputation of throwing in the upper 90’s.  After he saw his velocity decrease and his body/arm started to wear down – he seeked help from Purita.  The PRP treatment or injections were done in both the elbow and the shoulder of the star pitcher.

Colon is not the only pitcher that Purita has successfully give PRP treatments to.  He has helped over a dozen professional athletes over the years.  Some speculate that HGH is mixed and injected along with the PRP – but Purita insists that he has never done that for a professional athlete.

All in all – we are seeing more and more PRP treatment being done for professional athletes.  Blogs are starting to talk about the legality of doing PRP treatments.  And the general population is quickly becoming aware of how it can help injury.

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