Is PRP Treatment Suitable for Radial Lateral Meniscus Tear in 16 Year Old Footballer?

I am interested in the Prp treatment for a 16 years old patient, professionist footballer, having a 2/3 radial lateral meniscus tear.

Is that treatment suitable for that type of injury and what is the expectation time of recovery (in order to be back on game)?

PRP treatment for meniscal tears can be appropriate depending upon the size, location and nature of the tear. Reviewing a good quality MRI is necessary to make that determination as well as a thorough physical examination and review of the patient’s symptoms and any other contributing pathology.

Not all meniscal tears are good candidates for PRP treatment, however, in my experience I have been able to treat appropriate meniscal tears with PRP and document healing on MRI and return athletes to sports without surgery.

Andrew Blecher, MD of SCOI