Pedro Feliciano – PRP Therapy

Pedro Feliciano is pitcher for the New York Yankees (Major League Baseball). The left-handed thrower recently joined the team after spending much of his career with the New York Mets (2002-2010). Prior to that, Feliciano was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers, spending six years in their minor league program. Pedro has had his share of baseball-related injuries, even missing an entire season (1999) after injuring his shoulder. His most recent injury, also involves his shoulder. Rather than undergo surgery, Feliciano opted for a combination of PRP therapy, strength training and rehabilitation.

Pedro Feliciano and PRP Treatment

Feliciano was placed on the New York Yankees Disabled List after experiencing pain in his left shoulder. In April, it was determined that the pain was the result of a partially torn capsule. Feliciano initially feared that he would have to undergo surgery. He was quite relieved when his orthopedic surgeon suggested an alternative treatment, PRP therapy, in addition to rehab. Rather than spend months out of commission which would have been the case if Feliciano opted to have surgery, the recommended rehabilitation/PRP therapy plan should only take about six weeks.

This isn’t the first time Feliciano has undergone PRP therapy. He first used the ground-breaking procedure in 2009 after injuring his hamstring. His body responded well to the treatment. His impression of the therapy was so positive that he had no qualms about using it again. When asked about PRP therapy, specifically whether or not it worked and his intention to use it on his recently injured shoulder, Feliciano had this to say, “I think so,” “If you do a good rehab, it helps you.”

PRP therapy is used by both professional and recreational athletes as well as those suffering from soft tissue injuries. The experimental procedure works by utilizing the growth factors found in a patient’s own blood. A small amount of blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood, separating the blood’s components in the process. The platelets are removed and injected into the injured part of the body. The growth factors found in the platelets help to expedite the healing process. When they are injected into the injured part of the body, the healing process is often accelerated, though not always.

Since injuring his shoulder, Feliciano has had three PRP shots. The procedures seem to be working. “Everything’s good,” Feliciano said. “It’s just getting strong again.” In addition to PRP, Pedro is using workout bands, dumbbells and weights. He began throwing pitches off the mound during the latter part of June. However, he was already pain free and had regained his full range of motion in May.

Injury and PRP Therapy Timeline for Pedro Feliciano

  • Pedro Feliciano learns that he has a partial tear in his capsule in his left shoulder.
  • After initially believing he would have to undergo therapy, Feliciano’s doctor suggested that he undergo PRP therapy, a strength training program and rehabilitation
  • Pedro undergoes at least three rounds of PRP therapy.
  • By May, Feliciano began to regain full range of motion in his shoulder and was essentially pain-free.
  • Feliciano begins to throw pitches from the mound in the latter part of June.