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Will PRP injections Help My Plantar Fasciitis With Bone Spur?

Would like to know if prp injections are going to help my plantar fasciitis with bone spur. Ive suffered with severe pain for almost 7 years now. PRP injections have been offered to me to help the healing of the plantar . I’m still concerned that the remaining bone spur will still continue to cause […]

How Important is an Ultrasound Machine When Injecting PRP?

How important is it for a physician to use an ultrasound machine when he/she injects PRP into an area of my body? Dr. Arockia Doss All Musculoskeletal injections should be under high resolution 7 to 12 Mhz ultrasound resolution Have a question of your own? Ask the doc your PRP question today.

Can people with any type of anemia do prp injections?

Hello, I was doing research on PRP injection for my foot. There were a couple articles that mentioned a bleeding disorder such as anemia. I have iron anemia and easily get very dizzy. I know iron anemia is a blood disorder. Can people with any type of anemia do prp injections? Dr. Franklin R. Polun […]