What kind of exercises are best to help regain strength in the quad and hips after doing PRP Therapy?

Hi there. My name is Steve Sir and I have been dealing with a painful injury the last 4 months that was diagnosed as tendinosis of the left patella.

I have been playing professional basketball the last 5 years in Europe and most recently in Mexico. I left my team in Mexico in November to return to Canada in hopes of finding a solution to this injury. I have tried all traditional methods of treatment like stim, ultrasound, massage and even shockwave therapy with little to no results.

I recently tried prolotherapy and was able to have some pain relief and return of some mobility. Every time I still get into a squat or when my left foot hits the ground with some force there is still a sharp pain in my left knee.

I have an appointment to undergo PRP next tuesday but my question is what kind of exercises are best to help regain strength in the quad and hips to accompany doing the PRP? I have found no answers for what kind of physio would be best for this injury to go along with the injections so any guidance or advice would be appreciated.

Dr. Andrew BlecherDr. Andrew Blecher
For your PRP treatment to be most effective you should have a Rehab program which emphasizes progressive eccentric loading. You should be doing your own eccentric exercises at home on a twice daily basis. Any good physical therapist should come up with a program for you. Expect 8-12 weeks for the tendon to remodel itself. Best of luck.

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