Will PRP Therapy Help Treat My Quad Tendinitis In Both Knees?

Will PRP Therapy Help Treat My Quad Tendinitis In Both Knees

I have had quad tendinitis in both knees for 15 months. I was wondering if PRP would hep because I would be paying $800 to get it.


Tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon) usually does not require PRP treatment.  However, since this has been bothering you for 15 months, this is not likely tendonitis but instead tendinosis (degeneration and scarring of the tendon) or tendinopathy.  These diagnoses are commonly confused among healthcare providers.

PRP can certainly help with tendinopathy but treatment technique is extremely important.  The diseased tendon needs to be fenestrated with the needle under ultrasound guidance and then the PRP needs to be injected into the fenestrated area.

I would typically use a concentration of around 7 times baseline for this type of treatment.  If performed correctly, PRP treatment can be very effective for this and I would expect complete resolution of symptoms and return to activities and a normal appearing ultrasound by 12 weeks.


Answer given by Andrew Blecher, MD