Will PRP Treatment Help Heal a Torn Meniscus From Basketball?

Hi, I was diagnosed with left lateral torn meniscus I sustained about six months ago. Presently, I have no symptoms like pain, swelling, locking on the knee. I can pretty much do anything linear except lateral moves like playing basketball. My question is will PRP treatments help heal the tear? How long before I can play basketball if it is successful?
Dr. Andrew BlecherDr. Andrew Blecher
Although there may be some case reports of patients being treated with PRP for meniscal tears, there has not been a study to show that PRP can heal meniscal tears. That doesn’t meen that it may not help. You may in fact get symptom improvement from PRP treatment. However there is as of yet no evidence that it will heal the tear.
Dr. Jon RubensteinDr. Jon Rubenstein
A torn Meniscus is a very common problem worldwide. PRP Injections can definitely help heal the tear. Localized injections at the point of trauma will coat the meniscus. The PRP will release the growth factors to the tear and the meniscus will begin to “re-knit” itself.
Have you had an MRI on your knee? You say you are having trouble with lateral movement, which could result from a small tear or strain of the PCL.
I advise all my patients to stay fairly inactive for 72 hours. After that, the growth factors have been released and are healing the traumatized area. I would not return to competitive basketball until your knee is able to handle lateral movement without weakness.

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