World class athlete heals plantar fasciitis with PRP

The following is a patient experience from Charlene Thomas.

I am an International 1500m runner and have represented GB at the World and European Championships so as you can imagine my feet take a battering!

I had PRP back in 2009 when I managed to tear my Plantar Fascia in my left foot after struggling most of the athletics season with Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. I had the PRP because even after a couple of months rest the tear and plantar fasciitis had not improved at all. Within 4 weeks after my first injection the tear was pretty much healed and plantar fasciitis in both feet gone. I must stress though that I also followed a strict rehab program to ensure my plantar fascia healed strongly before i started back running. I had a second injection after 4 weeks to make sure the tear healed completely.

The treatment worked really well for me and I would certainly recommend to anyone who has plantar fascia problems PRP.

Charlene received treatment at Coach House Sports Physiotherapy Clinic (CSPC) to strengthen her Plantar Fascia after having the PRP treatment. Her physiotherapist was Alison Rose at CSPC, physiotherapist to Jessica Ennis-Hill and Kelly Holmes. The clinic has supported her over a number of years.