Avid Runner Opts for Platelet Rich Plasma to treat Chronic Hamstring Tendonitis

Runners can go through a variety of injuries as it takes a tole on ones legs. For the patient below, chronic hamstring tendonitis had been bothering her for years. She hopes that PRP treatment for hamstring tendonitis will help get her back running long distances quickly.

What was your injury that was treated with prp?

Chronic hamstring tendonitis (injured for nearly 2 years)

Did you try any other therapy before you opted for prp treatment?

I tried massage therapy, graston, ART, trigger point, e-stem and chiropractic care.

Why did your physician decide to utilize prp for this injury?

After a lack of any other options. I had pretty much tried everything and my injury has existed for so long and it was so deep into the tissue that just rest & rehab alone was not likely to solve the problem.

What medical facility did your physician perform this treatment? Hospital? Physician clinic?

UNC orthopedics performed it. Dr. Berkoff (he recently came to UNC from Duke ortho doing the same procedures there)

Did your physician have you follow a specific protocol the night before your prp treatment?

Not neccessarily the night before, other than be well hydrated. I was not allowed to take any anti flammatories 5 days before the procedure.

Do you remember how much blood was drawn from you? After they drew the blood, how long did you have to wait before the platelet rich plasma was ready for use on your injury?

10cc was orifinally drawn. It was only 5 minutes or so to wait.

What did the physician do to prepare the injury site for injection?

Injury site was wiped clean with alcohol and injected twice with liticane to numb the area.

Did the physician use ultrasound as a guide to place the platelet rich plasma?


How did the injection feel? Explain. And do you remember how long the prp treatment took? If you had pain, how long did the pain last? Any swelling?

I felt a lot of pressure. I was being inject so high in my hamstring that the needle was up close to my pelvis so it was achy in my hip and butt and he injected in the plasma. It only took a few minutes to complete the procedure. I didnt notice much swelling but I have been sore at the end of each day since. (It’s not yet been a week)

How long did the entire visit take?

25 minutes

After treatment, did your physician wrap the treatment site? If not, what did he do post treatment?

My leg was not wrapped, just a band-aid over the injection site.

What was your physicians post prp treatment protocol for you? Restrictions? Rest? Exercise? Stretching? Pain medication? Any specific directions you had to follow?

1st week is complete rest, 2nd week is light stretching and the 3rd week I start physical therapy for 6-8 weeks. I was also given a narcotic for pain but only to help me sleep.

How much was the prp treatment?

$400 (I could have also done it at Duke Ortho for $300)

Did the treatment work for you? If so, when did you start feeling better? How soon could you bet back to playing your sport?

N/A (I’ll get back to you on this as I progress, hopefully 6-8 weeks time will tell)

Other comments or thoughts about your prp experience?

I am hoping that it is a good alternative to steroid injections or surgery. Tendon and ligament injuries unfortunately have no quick fix so Im hoping between the injection, rest and PT I will be back to running 70+ miles a week and racing again soon.

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