Can my husband’s toe be healed by the “prp” method?

Can my husband’s toe be healed by the “prp” method…even though the wound is being treated for about two years…he is diabetic, and an amputee..We were told that there is nothing more that they can do, other than keep the wound clean…They say blood is not coming to the wound to heal…We live in Boca Raton Florida…He is 69 years old.
Dr. Franklin R. PolunDr. Franklin R. Polun
Technically speaking PRP is not FDA approved for diabetic wounds, or any wounds for that matter.

That being said; I have researched and found technical articles on this topic.

It does show promising results and I would recommend doing this procedure. It has been shown medically to help promote faster wound healing. However; it is important to note that if you are diabetic, then the diabetes has to be under good control or the wound will not heal.

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