Can prp treatment reduce brown pigmentation caused by sun or years?

I am a 47 year old female. Can prp treatment reduce brown pigmentation caused by sun or years? Can prp treatmemt full thiny cheeks? How long does it take to rejuvinate the skin?
Dr. Vincent DolceDr. Vincent Dolce
PRP and micro needling with dermal roller or derma pen will reduce sun damage. You would probably benefit from chemical peel and good skin care regimen.

PRP can fill tiny cheeks. Because of the nature of the healing process unlike filler it will not bee immediate. Plus you may need more than one treatment. Usually I like to let the treatment stay for three to six months or more. I have seen my patients get better and better over time. I also recommend combination therapy with radio frequency. I like this treatment modality because it is additive. It works with the PRP to create the only all natural facelift.

Skin rejuvenation will take three to six months and must be followed with a good skin care regimen.

Lastly I would recommend having your hormones checked. Someone who is knowledgable in HRT. ( hormone replacement therapy). Since our hormones are responsible for collagen formation.

Simply put there is no one answer to something simple as having a young looking face. Rather there are multiple pieces to this puzzle.

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