Thoughts on PRP in combination with THROMBIN-JMI for stretch marks?

I stumbled upon the article regarding treatment of stretch marks in combination of PRP and THROMBIN-JMI and I was amazed with the results. Specifically, the percentage of patients which got the results. But I’m just curious to know how safe is THROMBIN-JMI? There’s many side-effects and warning regarding the use of THROMBIN-JMI. Also it can cause blood clots. I want to know as I have struggle with stretch marks throughout my teen years and if I can get the results like in the picture shown my life will have a drastic change.
Dr. Vincent DolceDr. Vincent Dolce
Regarding stretch marks.  I am not a fan of using thrombin.  To me it is not necessary.  I would use PRP (make sure they are activating the platelets with calcium chloride).  I would also use PPP (platelet poor plasma). Which I also activate with calcium chloride and can be injected.  Then at same time I would use micro needling with dermal roller or derma-pen causing slight bleeding and paint the activated PPP on top of the area.  The PPP will alleviate any discomfort and accelerate healing.  I am a fan of multiple therapies. I would also start RF treatment.  This stands for radio frequency.  The name of the machine I prefer is Viora. This treatment brings nutrition into the area and stimulates collagen formation. It is not painful. The combination of PRP and radio frequency will give you the best long lasting results. I am using it in the face with fantastic results.

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