Former Olympian Bob Berland Part of PRP Related Study

Patient Bob Berland has won a silver metal in the 1984 olympic games. As the years went by, his knees progressively got worse. He could’nt continue to do normal everyday activities without experiencing some sort of pain in his knee. He new he had to do something if he wanted to enoy the activities that he loved to do.

Bob is taking part in a study that is being conducted at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center. Orthopedic surgeon Brian Cole is the lead physician behind this research study. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the main ingredient being researched to see if it can help treat the hundreds of thousands of people with damaged knee joints. Dr. Cole staes,

“This isn’t pixie dust. This is basically making patients feel better by some environmental change. It could be the pain pathway. It could be reductions in inflammation. It could be the placebo effect, quite frankly.”

This treatment seems to be appealing to many patients simply because it is a non surgical procedure. You are using your own bodies natural elements to help heal yourself. You can see why many patients are very interested to learn more about PRP and its ability to help heal conditions.

“It cannot reverse the consequences of aging, but perhaps reverse what happens as the consequence of aging,” explains Dr. Cole.