Is PRP beneficial when applied to a rotator cuff tear?

A recent study from the University of Milan in Italy has concluded that applying platelet rich plasma (PRP) to certain rotator cuff tears can reduce pain and increase strength in the shoulder following arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery.  53 patients were involved in this controlled study.  26 of these patients received platelet rich plasma combined with Thrombin to activate the platelets at the injury site.  27 patients did not receive PRP treatment.

“The long term results of subgroups of grade 1 and 2 tears suggests that PRP positively affected rotator cuff healing,” states Pietro Randelli MD.

The 26 patients who received PRP treatment had better pain scores than the non treatment group.  The PRP treatment group also had significantly higher scores when the physician performed a simple shoulder test, University of California score, Constant score, and a test to measure strength in external rotation.

Platelet rich plasma contains many concentrated growth factors that are responsible for accelerated soft tissue healing.  Many physicians around the world are using this natural method of healing in their medical practices.

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