I have a torn meniscus, arthritis and bone to bone. Will PRP Therapy help?

Last year I had a torn meniscus and when the doc fixed it, he later told me that I have arthritis. He also said that I have bone on bone. I was told about this PRP treatment and was wondering if that would help with the problem? And is it covered by insurance? And where to get the shot done? I have trouble with stairs and that is part of my job doing stairs, if this continues I will not be able to do my job down the road. Any help sure would be great.
Dr. Andrew BlecherDr. Andrew Blecher
There have been recent studies to show that PRP may provide sympomatic relief for grade 2 or 3 knee OA. It is unknown whether it would work for grade 4 as you describe. It is usually not covered by insurance but this varies by state and insurance carrier.

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