Ian Kinsler the Latest Baseball Player to Have PRP Treatment

As you know, PRPTreatments.org does a great job keeping up with the latest PRP news especially surrounding professional athletes.  The latest athlete to have platelet rich plasma therapy is Ian Kinsler of the Texas Rangers.  Ian Kinsler is an all-star caliber 2nd basemen that played a huge role in sending the Texas Rangers to the 2011 World Series.  He has been having ankle problems for the past couple years and given the success other athletes have had with PRP injections – Kinsler decided to give it a go.  Below is the ESPN article that talks more about Kinsler and his PRP injection for the ankle.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler said he had a Platelet Rich Plasma injection a week after the season to seperate a ligament from the bone in his right ankle. Kinsler said the ankle has been bothering him for two seasons, ever since he rolled it during workouts in Surprise, Ariz, in March 2010.

“I feel 100 percent and it’s the first time I can say that in a long time,” Kinsler said after talking with fans and signing autographs at Rangers FanFest on Saturday at the Arlington Convention Center. “It didn’t bug me to the point where it affected how I felt running or moving laterally, I just didn’t feel as powerful. Being able to feel that again is pretty cool. It’s a good feeling.”

Kinsler learned to adapt to that lack of power and it didn’t keep him from stealing 30 bases, to go along with 32 home runs and 77 RBIs in 155 games, the most he’s played in his career.

“It hampered me, but I learned how to cheat in stealing bases and it taught me a lot about picking up small things,” Kinsler said. “I think I can improve on that.”

Kinsler said the door remains open for a long-term contract extension with the Rangers, but that “the ball is in their court and we have to wait for them to call back.” As of now, the two sides aren’t really talking about it, Kinsler said, noting the club is busy trying to get Yu Darvish signed before Wednesday’s deadline.

Kinsler will make $7 million in 2012 and has a $10 million club option for 2013. After that, he can become a free agent. He said that while nothing has happened yet, the offseason is still ongoing.

“There’s still time,” Kinsler said. “We’ve all grown together as a group. Ron Washington and our team has all grown together. If we can all stay together, we’re going to continue to succeed. If we add pieces it’s the beginning of a dynasty.

“I’ve played in this league for six years. They know what I’m worth; I know what I’m worth. It’s about getting a number that works for both sides. If we don’t, it won’t happen. But I want that to happen.”

You can read the entire article on Kinsler at ESPN.