PRP Treatments Widely Used to Treat Equine Tendon and Ligament Injuries for Horses

Studies were recently done surrounding PRP and it’s effectiveness to treat equine tendon and ligament injuries for horses. Veterinarians across the world are working hard to determine of PRP therapy is a viable option to treat horse injuries. Tendon injuries for horses and other animals for that matter can be a real serious matter that takes time and treatment to heal.  TheHorse put out a recent news article that we thought our readers might find informative. Here is a small paragraph from that article.

According to Frisbie, PRP is widely used, but current recommendations for treatment dosage, frequency, and timing of administration after tendon and ligament injury vary considerably. Other questions that are not yet clear for practitioners include: the minimum and maximum desirable platelet concentrations; whether to “activate” the PRP (which involves adding components such as calcium or thrombin, an enzyme in the blood clotting cascade, in order to increase platelet growth factor release); and how to select which clinical cases are most likely to benefit from PRP therapy.

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