Is PRP treatment effective for wrinkles as Botox?

I would like to ask you some information about PRP, I am 34 years old and my facial wrinkles are not deep, also, I suffer a little bit from the dark circle and pufiness under my eyes, that will be increased in long terms. In my point of view, prevention is better than treatment, so considering my age, am I a good candidate for PRP? Is PRP treatment effective for wrinkles as Botox? Andd the last question, how long will it be effective, e.g. Botox should be repeated in abou 6 months, what about PRP?
Dr. Paul FondacaroDr. Paul Fondacaro
PRP is beneficial as a preventative measure as well. Contrary to Botox, PRP treatments do have an inflammatory reaction which is part and parcel of the rejuvenating process. Patients should be aware that some facial swelling is to be expected lasting 24-72 hours. The treatment should be repeated in 2-3 weeks later and that should be sufficient for the year. Obviously every individual is unique and treatment frequency is determined on that basis.

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