Matt Forte Undergoes PRP Therapy to Hasten Return to the Field

Matt Forte, a running back for the Chicago Bears (National Football League) recently injured his knee. Forte sprained his medial collateral ligament during a game. In an effort to get back on the field in a hurry, he underwent PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy. No one is sure what this means in terms of his return. However, some believe that this will hasten his return by at least one week. Just hours after he underwent the PRP procedure, Forte was up on his feet, even attending a party.

Forte is eager to return to the field. However, he isn’t speculating on when he will be able to. He does want to wait until he is 100% before he comes back. Matt Forte’s Chicago Bears are on the cusp of making the playoffs. His presence could possibly take them over the top and will help them avoid a complete collapse. A proven runner, Forte has amassed thousands of yards since entering the NFL.

Matt Forte’s injury is especially concerning for both himself and his team, considering the fact that his contract situation is uncertain and his team is on the midst of making it to the playoffs. A major injury could make it difficult for him to negotiate the big deal he’s looking for. Prior to getting injured he was the NFL leader in rushing and receiving yards from scrimmage.

PRP therapy involves the use of one’s own blood platelets to hasten the healing process. It involves having a small amount of one’s blood drawn and placed into a centrifuge where it is spun and separated. Once the blood platelets have been separated from the other components in the blood, it is re-injected into the injured area.

Blood platelets contain growth factors, which are known to help expedite the healing process. The procedure, though still considered cutting edge, is becoming more and more common among athletes, especially elite ones. World class athletes such as Alex Rodriquez, Tiger Woods and Troy Polamalu have undergone it with a great deal of success. Now, add Matt Forte to the list.

No one yet knows when or if Forte will return this season. Forte, for one, isn’t giving any timetable. He does, however, believe that PRP therapy, along with physical rehabilitation, will help speed up his recovery. Recovering enough to simply return on the field isn’t enough .He wants to come back and perform just as he did before becoming injured. If he does, he will endear himself to the fans in Chicago while also further proving the merits of platelet rich plasma therapy.