Medical Esthetician Praises PRP Results

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is your own bodies spun gold. Platelet Rich Plasma is the “Healing Power” within our blood. There are numerous clinical studies proving that PRP may induce the synthesis of Collagen and other matrix components. The stimulation of Fibroblast cells repair and rebuild Collagen Type 1, thus rejuvenating the skin.

Micro-needling for Skin Rejuvenation

prp for skin rejuvenation micro-needlingYour body’s natural growth factors have the power to repair torn tendons and ligaments. Now just imagine the wonders it does for facial rejuvenation.

Micro-needling PRP is one of the best holistic techniques used for skin rejuvenation administered by a licensed; certified medical esthetician. PRP is a natural treatment for anti-aging and is comparable to a facelift; requiring no anesthesia with literally no downtime or pain.

Micro-needling with the CIT Pen is known as Collagen Induction Therapy (AKA: CIT). PRP is then trans-dermally delivered to the treated skin area thus creating effects that are proven to be safer than other invasive anti-aging treatments.

The Process Used

My process at Orthomolecular Nutrition and Wellness Center starts with our patients’ blood being drawn into sterile tubes then spun at high speeds in a laboratory centrifuge.

This divides the red and white blood cells from the platelets and plasma, giving it a higher than normal amount of platelets called PRP. The treated area will be cleansed and exfoliated.

Your Stratum Corneum (top layer of skin) contains up to 25 layers of dead skin. Exfoliation of these dead skin cells is vital in order for the PRP to be penetrated properly into the skin.

High frequency, also known as Ozone Therapy is administered over the treated area to ensure a clean surface of any microbial or bacterial properties. Herbal Skin Solutions Professional Strength Vitamin C, E, Hyaluronic and Feurlic Acid (all ingredients in one bottle) is massaged into the skin. This anti-oxidant solution sets up a healthy environment for the PRP to thrive.

Micro-needling starts by using the CIT Pen, gliding across the treated area of the skin. This naturally stimulates the reticular layer, opening up the channels of the skin for the PRP to be fully absorbed into the skin. Your PRP is then placed on the treated area, micro-needled a second time and more PRP is layered after that for full absorption.

Combine PRP with CIT Pen

PRP is an ideal substance on its own but combined with the proper protocol of CIT Pen treatment the PRP is able to work wonders to fully rejuvenate the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma stimulates new cell growth in the patient’s skin at the treated site(s).

PRP supports the body in healing. “Naturally” I encourage the PRP Collagen Induction Therapy Treatment for my patients that are in good health and express a desire for a more youthful appearance to their skin.

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Kaelin Jutras of Herbal Skin Solutions- Medical Esthetician/ Trainer

Kaelin Jutras of Herbal Skin Solutions- Medical Esthetician/ Trainer

This guest post was written by Kaelin Jutras of Herbal Skin Solutions.

Kaelin and her team team hosts training courses for skincare professionals in PRP Micro-needling.