Richards Chooses PRP, Hair Loss Presentation, KHON News Story

Welcome to another Monday and we have had a big week of “PRP on the web”. This week featured another MLB pitcher choosing this form of treatment, another great story about PRP for hair loss and some other news videos to watch.

Continue reading for all the stories we found and gathered this week surrounding PRP.

Garrett Richards prp for kneeGarrett Richards Choose PRP Injection

A key starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, Garrett Richards, has opted to have PRP injections instead of surgery on his right elbow. Richards is only 27 years old and would like to avoid surgery if possible. We will see how his PRP for elbow treatment works out. You can find other athletes that have had PRP treatments here. FantasyPros does a good job of breaking down his injury into more detail.

PRP for Hair Loss Presentation

We read articles all over about PRP for hair loss. But, one clinic put together a cool online presentation explaining this treatment.

KHON 2 News Story

KHON 2 out of Honolulu, Hawaii recently did a news piece about PRP Treatments for sports medicine type injuries. You can read that article and watch it here. Or watch the video below:



  • Garrett Richards (Right Handed starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels)
  • Sam Crouse (Javelin thrower)
  • Rachel Seaman (Olympic hopeful runner)

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks edition of PRP in the news. As you can see, the amount of people having PRP treatments done successfully is growing every day. If you are looking for some help in your area — check out our PRP doctor directory here.