Platelet Rich Plasma Case Study Improves Neurophysiological Parameters of CTS

A journal article from the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience claims that utilizing PRP to treat carpal tunnel syndrome improved the neurophysiological parameters of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome of one patient.

PRP for Carpal Tunnel Journal ArticleAccording to the journal article, the results revealed significant improvements in the distal motor and sensory latencies as well as the sensory nerve action potential and compound muscle action potential amplitudes of the both median nerves. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an extremely common condition that affects around three million people per year.

CTS is Pressure on the median nerve in the wrist that causes numbness, tingling and sometimes pain. Time will tell if PRP will become a legit treatment option for CTS. The following articles go into more detail regarding PRP to treat CTS.

Articles About Carpal Tunnel and PRP

Treating Carpal Tunnel with PRP