Doctor uses PRP to Treat Shin Splints on Track Athlete

Shin splints is an overuse injury that usually stems from excessive running or repetitive training on hard surfaces. Usually the pain from shin splints is located on the lower front part of the leg.

Unfortunately, as many people know, this injury can be extremely painful. Treatment options for shin splints include rest, icing, and specific stretching of the affected area.

However, as you will see in the following video, it seems as if a physician was able to treat this condition via platelet rich plasma injection. The athlete in the below video was affected by the pain associated from shin splints for over a year.

As a result he could not compete in any track meets for a few months. That’s when he decided to see a physician to help him treat this annoying injury. Amazingly, after only one injection of platelet rich plasma, he is feeling better and competing in track events again!

PRP is created by using your own blood. The blood is drawn, placed in a centrifuge where it is then spun down separating the blood into different components. The physician will then extract the PRP component of the blood and injected into the compromised area.

The idea of PRP is to regenerate soft tissue and speed up the healing process of many conditions. To read more about this article click here.

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