PRP patient experience for baseball player with UCL tear

My injury that was treated with PRP was 2 minimal tears in my UCL. I had tried no other therapy other than PRP. All we did before was put me on a band exercise routine and rest time.

My symptoms had began to get worse with pain and discomfort. He decided if we wanted this to get any better, he would suggest PRP. Surgery was of too big interest in this situation. We didn’t want to miss our baseball season this year.

Did your physician have you follow a specific protocol the night before your prp treatment?

  • No night before procedures.

Do you remember how much blood was drawn from you? After they drew the blood, how long did you have to wait before the platelet rich plasma was ready for use on your injury?

  • 2 vials of blood. Waited 10 minutes until Platelets were ready.

What did the physician do to prepare the injury site for injection?

  • Marked injection site. Sterilized area. Numbed the surrounding area. Then injected first part of platelets. Added a slight bit more or numbing agent, then injected rest of platelets.

Did the physician use ultrasound as a guide to place the platelet rich plasma?

  • No ultrasound

The injection wasn’t too painful. To me, when they drew the blood was the worst. It felt like where the injected was swelling, not too much discomfort. Very quick and slight pain midway through numbing, no pain during platelet injection. It lasted around 1 hour in total.

After the treatment, the injection site was cleaned and band aids were placed over injection point. I was instructed no throwing for 2-3 absolute weeks. Possible up to 6 weeks down period. No upper body workouts during this period. Come back after 2-3 weeks and revaluate.