PRP for Torn Meniscus, Knee Swelling, Pulmonary Embolism, Clotting & more…

I was thinking about having a PRP procedure done to repair a torn meniscus, but am concerned about knee swelling. When I initially tore my meniscus, I developed a pulmonary embolism because of clotting behind the knee and had to be hospitalized. Do PRP treatments pose a risk with this given my history, and could I take blood thinners if prescribed as a precaution, or would that negate the effect of the PRP treatment?
Dr. George ThemistocleousDr. George Themistocleous
Several patients with similar meniscal tear reported improvement and returned to their everyday activities, following PRP treatment. PRP treatment does not pose any risk for you and it should be considered as first line treatment prior to meniscectomy. However if your are on blood thinners and you are unable to discontinue your medication, you are an ineligible candidate for a PRP injection.

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