PRP Patient Experience from Competitive Distance Runner

I am a competitive distance runner and developed plantar fasciitis in Oct-Nov of 2011. I treated it with stretching, ART, Graston, hot laser, cold laser, and strengthening exercises for 4 months, in addition to no running. The pain did not improve, in fact got worse with even standing for 10 minutes bringing on severe foot pain.

I finally got in to see Dr. Kim Harmon at the UW Sports Medicine Clinic in Seattle, WA in early March. She diagnosed me with bilateral plantar tears by US. My first PRP injection on the left was March 14th, my second on the right was March 29th. I had no pre-procedure protocol. Dr. Harmon performed a nerve block to numb the foot, then drew about 30cc’s of blood. After about 15 minutes, my foot was numb and the middle PRP layer of my blood was ready. After sterile prep, under US guidance Dr. Harmon injected the approx 6-8cc’s of PRP directly into the maximal tear location. My foot was completely numb and I felt nothing. I then put my foot on ice for 15 minutes, then into a boot.

My post-PRP protocol is: 2 weeks of boot for comfort, activities of daily living OK, no exercise except swimming with a pull buoy. No stretching at all for 2 weeks. The next 2 weeks: ok light biking and regular swimming. Four-six weeks out: elliptical ok. I have another appt in 6 weeks for symptom check and to eval if I am cleared to try any jogging. No NSAIDS for 6 weeks.

The treatment cost $800 per side, all-inclusive, not covered by insurance. I am waiting to see the results; I am hopeful that I will be back to running by 12 weeks out.

Dr. Sarah Lesko