Weekly PRP News: Eye Drops, 41 Year Old Hair Loss, Felix Hernandez

As we look back a few weeks, there has been some ground breaking news that we are happy to share in regards to platelet rich plasma with our loyal visitors.

PRP in Form of Eye Drop

Recent studies are now indicating that applying PRP in the form of an eye drop are extremely effective for the treatment of Dry Eye Disease. 368 patients were included in this study, and after 6 weeks of treatment using platelet rich plasma, 88% of patients symptoms improved. This study concluded that PRP is an effective treatment for moderate to severe dry eye disease. See more info here!

PRP for Hair Loss Works for 41 Year Old

Our next story features a 41 year old woman who started experiencing hair loss in her 30s. She tried many other products but nothing seemed to work for her. On her wedding day she had to hire a skilled hairdresser to make the appearance of her hair look fuller and more presentable.

After her wedding day she was determined to try something new. This is when she finally turned to the natural healing power of Platelet Rich Plasma. She said they drew 100mls of her blood, then spun it down in a centrifuge which created the PRP. The two hour procedure consisted of receiving 90 injections of PRP, mainly in the front of her scalp where she experienced the most hair loss.

She stated that she was extremely happy she decided to use prp injection therapy! Find a Doc in your area that performs this treatment today! Read more about the previous story here.

Felix Hernandez PRPMLB Star Pitcher Gets PRP

Our last bit of information relates to a Major League Baseball pitcher receiving a platelet rich plasma injection for shoulder bursitis. Seattle Mariners star pitcher Felix Hernandez received this treatment in his shoulder and is expected to miss 3-4 weeks, although he feels he will recover quicker than the 3-4 timeframe.

He is one of many MLB players that have had PRP treatment to deal with a baseball injury. You can see a list of other players here.

Hopefully it is sooner rather than later! To find a sports medicine physician in your area that performs this treatment, please see the following link!