Will PRP Help the Loss of Volume Under My Eyes?

I was wondering if prp would help the loss of volume under my eyes?
Dr. Niketa SonavaneDr. Niketa Sonavane
Loss of volume under the eyes occurs mainly due to atrophy of malar fat pad in the late 20’s and early 30’s leading to ‘mid facial flattening’. This may be coupled with downward descent of the fat compartments leading to what is known as ‘Tear trough deformity’ and an accentuated nasojugal fold in more advanced cases.PRP therapy definitely works beautifully in the earlier cases of mid facial flattening as it restores volume by regeneration and tightening of tissues. In the latter more severe cases with extremely obvious loss of volume, PRP therapy can be done alone but few repeat sessions will be required at 3-4 month intervals to achieve optimum results.

Another option for moderate to severe volume loss is to do PRP therapy coupled with deep dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma. The benefit of such a combination would be that the dermal filler provides an instant lift and the PRP provides the slow and steady permanent regeneration. The PRP therapy is done first and the dermal filler about 3 weeks after the PRP procedure. Repeat sessions of PRP alone are done every 4-6 months for 3 such sessions. The final results are evaluated after 18-24 months when the Voluma is expected to have faded completely and the regenerative effects of PRP would be in place. After that PRP is repeated yearly.

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