Will PRP Therapy Work Well to Heal a Partially Torn Patella Tendon Injury?

My son is thinking of having the Prp therapy done in order to heal a partially torn patella tendon. He has had this injury for over a year and has previously tried other treatments such as nitroglycerin patches and sonocur shockwave therapy as welll a intense physiotherapy. Do you think that he will have to immobilize his knee and be on crutches right after the PRP treatment? If so, for how long? I typically immobilize the knee with a brace for the first week. No crutches are needed and the patient can walk. After the first week the immobilizer comes off and the patient can resume normal activities and start the rehab program
Dr. Andrew BlecherDr. Andrew Blecher
PRP works great for partially torn patellar tendons so your son should do well.

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